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Consulting in
Education, Integration & Career,
Research & Evaluation

About us 

Our core services include education, integration and careers, research and practice. The latter focuses on research, data analysis and evaluation on the one hand, and on the study of Caribbean women's mobility through the Caribbean Women's Observatory on the other. As part of our interventions, we offer a range of tailor-made services such as training workshops and webinars to educational institutions, governmental and non-governmental agencies. EdiCa also develops pedagogical tools and resources for intercultural and anti-racist training. In addition to these areas, EdiCa also cooperates with international partners to extend the scope of services in sustainable development, health, law and international student support.

Our mission

Our mission is to create a sustainable and inclusive society through strategic national and international partnerships, with a focus on the educational and economic success of Western Canadian residents and new immigrants. We offer a wide range of services, from job creation and vocational training to sustainable development, health, and law. Diversity, equity, and inclusion remain at the heart of all our initiatives.


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Our values

Collaboration And Partnership

Edica values partnerships with other organizations, businesses and government agencies to optimize their resources and maximize their impact. These partnerships foster a collective effort towards a more sustainable and inclusive society.

Community Empowerment

EdiCa works closely with the communities it serves, empowering individuals through job creation, training and employment support. This empowerment can lead to better socio-economic conditions and greater community resilience.

Collaboration with employers

EdiCa works with local employers to help immigrants find jobs that match their skills and qualifications.

Social integration and reducing inequalities

Edica facilitates the integration of immigrants by offering training and working to reduce social, educational, and professional inequalities. In particular, we emphasize equity for Caribbean women, recognizing and valuing their crucial role in the socio-economic fabric.

Our expert

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Her experiences as a professor in education programs and faculties, particularly in the pre-service teacher's  training, allow her to participate actively in the development of education programs and to explore the issues of identity and professional integration of populations of all origins, particularly newcomers to Canada in Francophone minority communities.


Her own migratory journey and her own professional journey allow her to clearly identify the mechanisms and issues of the integration of newcomers and the professional integration of these people.

Dr. Alice Prophète

Founder and senior consultant of EdiCa Consulting.

EdiCa guided and enlightened me during a critical period when I was facing a professional dilemma as a Francophone in a predominantly Anglophone province.


 At EdiCa


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Describe one of your services


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