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Integration and Careers


We have expertise in integration as successful immigrants to Canada. We understand the great challenges newcomers face when settling in a new country. In recent years, we have supported several new immigrants by helping them develop plans to achieve their career goals.



We collaborate with institutions/organizations on their projects aimed at the complete and successful integration of newly arrived families/individuals/students into school, college and university communities.


We develop tailor-made workshops, webinars and training modules. We ensure the continuity of the process by proposing effective strategies for successful academic and/or professional integration. Our workshops and forums emphasize intercultural dialogue.


We prepare kits to effectively support parents/guardians of students in order to provide maximum support to their children. The process includes needs assessments, parent/teacher meeting preparation, follow-up service, and identification of barriers/challenges that may interfere with academic success through an interdisciplinary team.

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Describe one of your services


Describe one of your services


Describe one of your services

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