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About us

EdiCa has a social mission centered on empowering immigrants in Alberta, offering them educational and professional opportunities, and supporting them in their integration process. This contributes to a more inclusive and prosperous society. View our objectives.


Our mission

Collaborate with organizations dedicated to the educational and economic success of western Canadians, including new immigrants, while facilitating their professional integration.


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Fruitful and efficient


Our values

Collaboration And Partnership

Edica values partnerships with other organizations, businesses and government agencies to optimize their resources and maximize their impact. These partnerships foster a collective effort towards a more sustainable and inclusive society.

Community Empowerment


EdiCa works closely with the communities it serves, empowering individuals through job creation, training and employment support. This empowerment can lead to better socio-economic conditions and greater community resilience.

Collaboration with employers

EdiCa works with local employers to help immigrants find jobs that match their skills and qualifications.

Social integration and reducing inequalities

Edica facilitates the integration of immigrants by offering training and working to reduce social, educational and professional inequalities.

Our objectives

Through its services, Edica contributes directly to positive change and has a significant impact on the lives of immigrants, on society as a whole and on the local economy. Edica aims to solve complex immigration-related problems while creating opportunities for individuals and the community.

Social integration and inequality reduction

Our company facilitates the integration of immigrants in Alberta by offering language, cultural and professional training, while working to reduce educational and professional inequalities.

Personal and professional development

Our training and career guidance programs help immigrants develop their skills and achieve their career goals.

Economic stimulation and job creation

We contribute to the local economy by filling labor shortages and creating employment opportunities for immigrants and the local community.

Community involvement and public partnership

We mobilize the community around a common cause and work with governments to achieve public policy goals in immigration and economic development.

Innovation and Sustainability

As drivers of social innovation, we are experimenting with new approaches to solving complex immigration issues and ensuring our financial sustainability.

Responding to an existing need

Alberta has a diverse population of adult immigrants with unique educational, integration and career needs. A social enterprise can respond specifically to these needs, filling gaps in existing services.

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