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Dr. Alice Prophète


Welcome to EdiCa

Dr. Alice Prophète, the founder and senior consultant of EdiCa Consulting, is an accomplished educator with more than 25 years of experience as a teacher/professor, either in the school system or at the university level.


She has strong teaching and research skills in the school system as well as at the university level. Her experiences as a teacher in education programs and faculties, particularly in the initial training of teachers allow her to participate actively in the development of education programs and to explore the issues of identity and professional integration of populations of all origins, particularly newcomers to Canada in Francophone minority communities.


Her own migratory  and professional journey allow her to clearly identify the mechanisms and issues of the integration of newcomers and the professional integration of these people. 


Her research and many presentations at professional and academic conferences highlight the need to support these professionals in developing professional and identity strategies in order to overcome certain obstacles related to their transition and their professional integration into the host professional contexts.

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History and career

During her teaching career, she worked at all levels as a teacher (elementary and secondary), a learning coach as well as a mathematics consultant. She was a member of educational experts group in curriculum redesigns in Alberta. She has shared different strategies and pedagogical tools resulting from her research in didactics for the teaching and learning of mathematics, at professional conferences at the school board level and across Canada.

In addition to her teaching and research roles, Dr. Alice Prophète is involved in several non-governmental organizations and advisory boards focused on transformative education and the involvement of human resources for the sustainable development of racialized communities in Canada.


In addition to her skills and competences, she carries out her work with rigor, diligence and integrity and beholds great sense of relationship and collaboration. Dr. Alice Prophète holds a doctorate in educational leadership from Simon Fraser University (Canada). She also has a master's degree in science of education-Language and cultural studies from the  university of Alberta (Canada) where she also obtained a bachelor's degree after degree. Dr. Alice Prophète is also a graduate of the École Normale Supérieure, ENS (Haiti), where she also studied theological and social science studies.

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